Thank him for every day you pass.

I know exactly what I want.

But I don’t know how to get it.



along the lines of food, and not doing my work…

WHAT IS THAT PROFESSOR THINKING PROMOTING A TWINKIE DIET!?  Okay…Yes…he’s not necessarily supporting it.  He’s saying that he can’t say one way or the other if it is healthy or not.  Yes you can!  So what if you lost weight!  You were eating a convenience store diet!  Anyone can lose weight if they cut enough calories…but that does not mean you are healthy.  Seriously. Twinkies aren’t food.  Doritos aren’t food.  They are food products, maybe, sure.  Not food.

Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.

This being a professor is so disappointing.  He’s glossing over so many issues with this argument.  He’s ignoring (or even perpetuating) our culture’s unhealthy relationship with food.  Our disordered eating.  And he’s ignoring the serious nature of the problem of grocery store flight.  People who only have access to the sorts of foods you can buy at a convenience store (albeit at prices often 49% higher than in stores) do not have access to foods that promote a healthy lifestyle.  Please don’t try to maintain that a convenience store diet is acceptable.




because I have an essay I should be working on, I’m thinking about everything but that.


I love food.  Every aspect of it.  I love restaurants, bakeries, and chocolateries.  I love cooking shows.  I could watch marathons of Alton Brown’s Good Eats and Iron Chef competitions for days.  I read food blogs.  I love to cook and I love to eat.  I love to try new dishes and I love making old favourites.

I want to know everything there is to know about farming.  The ways its changed, the problems and the benefits of new technology.  The way agriculture is changing around the world.  The ways different cultures view food.  How food is a part of religions around the world.  The different types of foods eaten in each region and the history of food.  Polycultural farming and monocultural.  Pesticides and fertilizers.  CAFOs.  Small family farms.  Sustainable agriculture.  I love love love love agriculture.

And I love love love food.

my grandmother has a short skirt

I have gotten absolutely nothing done today.

All I have done is look at pictures of Sallay and obsess over how well she is doing.  With occasional breaks to look at pictures and videos of the other JCC kids and Towama.

My homework is waiting.  But this was a good choice.

I can’t wait to be back in July.

fifteen, three or so.

I hate the fact that deep down inside I still accept gendered hierarchy.

I am a product of my culture and despite how strongly I believe in equality, I still subconsciously treat you as better than me because you are a man.  Despite differences in age, experience, and wisdom, part of me defers to you and your judgment because of your gender.  I feel like it is dangerous for me to disagree, or to be confident in myself, because I am inferior.

I believe in feminism, but I still struggle to live it.


Also, rediscovering my William Fitzsimmons obsession.  You carry me along with your load.

And my desire to wear everything that Barrie Kaufman has ever designed.  Look her up on Facebook.  Fables by Barrie.  Become a fan.  Become as obsessed as I am.  Ugh.

I promise I am everything I pretend to be.


I’m back to my Mason Cooley  obsession.

I wonder what happened to my journal that looks like a map.

I’m going to get my papers now.

But really, I’d like a day at the spa and enough money for retail therapy.

Shallow much? Yes.



Speak to me, lovely creature of my dreams, but only a few vague words.
Mason Cooley