Homework can be interesting.

There is a film called The Endless Varieties of Pork.  It discusses the various cuts and retail costs of pork.  I want to watch this film.  Preferably with Julie Rouse.


I am fascinated by Agrarian Feminism.  Second Wave.


One response

  1. We will watch this together. I’ve never thought of agrarian feminism, but I am intrigued. I’m unsure if this is related, but I read a back of a book today called In America Men Milk the Cows, and its points to the differences between milking cows being a woman’s job in Europe and a man’s job in the US. It was actually written by my religion prof I had last year. I think she goes more in to the Americanization of Norwegian-American women, but it looks interesting. We should talk about ag and feminism more often.

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