i am lynnea grace erickson.

full of faults, fears, and failures.

saved by grace and loved by christ.

created with purpose and beauty.

i do things my way.

i live life.

sometimes i screw up.

sometimes things go well.

i have a past, i have a present and i have a future.

my heart is real.

and i will no longer apologize.



It has been raining.

Really raining.

And its not stopping.

I should be at camp right now. Actually I should be at CCC right now. Canoeing down the Boone with my cabin of campers. There should be counselors at camp, and lots of campers, playing games, worshipping, bonding, praying, laughing, crying, loving.

Instead, camp is sitting empty, minus the few people who are still there, sometimes cleaning up the mess the river made and sometimes just watching, not able to do anything, as the river overflows its banks.

Jesus. I know these things just happen sometimes. You only interfere with the natural so often, thats why when you do, its called a miracle. I know you are still watching over the camp. I know you can turn this flood into something good. But I’m impatient and I want to know.

I had ideas about what this summer would be like and one by one, you’ve pulled them apart and its always turned out for the best. But now, I sit here wondering if camp is even going to happen and if it does, what will it be like? When will it start? What will happen with the campers whose weeks were canceled?

Jesus. I feel overwhelmed. But I’m trying to trust. Maybe you work best when I’m overwhelmed. When I know that there is absolutely nothing I can do on my own. When I fall open to my weakness, you bring in your strength.