Sierra Leone has released information about their new updated stance on adoption.

They currently are still not allowing adoptions, but once they reopen several new changes will be in place:

  • You must reside in SL for at least 6 months to adopt
  • One parent must be over 25
  • There must be at least a 21 year age difference between the child and one parent

This is heart breaking news for a variety of reasons.  Foremost among them for me is Elle’s ongoing battle to bring Alice to the states.  Adam (Elle’s husband) is only 23 and Alice is 3 years old.  They meet none of the current requirements.  Be praying for them.

Aside from Alice, this will have a profound impact upon the country.  While I am aware of the problems of foreign adoption and the need for Sierra Leone to promote a sense of national identity and unity, this is a not a time when they have that luxury.  Their country is poor.  Their primary source of income is a highly volatile diamond industry.  They are missing nearly an entire generation of parents.  The war left so many orphans who need to be adopted and they have effectively shut their doors to willing parents all around the world.

Please be praying for Sierra Leone.  For wise, selfless leaders.  For continued healing.  For the kids at JCC .  Keep praying “until every child has hope”.


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