November Again

I’m exhausted tonight.

In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve put up with anger, tears, and disappointed expectations.  I’ve felt limited, helpless.  I feel like I’ve run out of options.

And that’s not a feeling I enjoy.  Because you have to live in a world where there is a tomorrow.  Where the sun will come up in the morning and you’ll get another chance to try again.  Where no word is the final word and the book can always be rewritten.

Someday we won’t just travel hopefully.  Someday we might actually arrive.  But for now, an infinite number of second chances is wings and breath and broken locks.  I have to write in pencil  and build on sand. 

I just want to get away into the brown and the rain soaked chilly air that is late fall and hunker down for the season.  Fall is beautiful and I need that tonight.

Tomorrow might be different.


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