Today I am really frustrated with my doctors and the situation I am in.  I am sick and while its not life threatening or troubling, it really does make it difficult to go about my daily routine.  Its been ongoing for nearly 3 weeks now with only a few days of real relief.  I saw a doctor out here for it on Friday and he gave me a prescription which unfortunately has done nothing for me.

I’m still sick.  The only change is I know am experiencing side effects from the medication including weight gain, so I feel like a puffy junior high girl again; lack of sleep, so I am running on an average of 3 hours of sleep a day; and reduced ability to heal from wounds so all cuts, scrapes, and bruises on my body are sticking out like sore thumbs (to mix my body metaphors).

I feel so gross.  And still sick.  Thanks a heap doctor.  It’s not like I had anything important to get done this week.  Hey capstone, you’re just going to have to wait until I can stop worrying about these golf-ball sized tonsils in my throat, and then we’ll see about getting you done.

I just can’t wait until the “losing contact with reality” side effect kicks in. No joke.  That’s one of the side effects.  And since everything else has been happening to me, why not that one?? Anxietttyyyyyy.


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  1. I just had a moment where I worried that the correct word to use was “side affect” not “side effect”. Obviously that losing contact with reality thing is kicking in.

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