This is just an off-the-cuff thought, but what if we started running our denominations (parishes, synods, whatever word you want to use for your particular resurrection of the Christ) more like they did in the early church?  Not so much asking individuals to share their wealth (can’t get too socialist here) but rather asking the different congregations to do that. How many small or rural congregations (and of course, some urban) are struggling for resources while the latest mega church opens another coffee shop or builds a new worship arena fit to hold 10,000?  Maybe part of being part of the church means looking out for the church.  Not just individuals, but the actual other bodies that we claim to support through common sacraments and creeds and statements of faith?  This doesn’t even have to start crossing theological boundaries.   The ELCA has both Fjeldberg and Lutheran Church of Hope.  Is it the duties of our brothers and sisters to look out for the differing bodies of believers who may be in need?

I need to think about this more.


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