I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions.  Frankly, I don’t really like New Year’s Eve.  But this year, I’m trying it.  Or something.  Probably on my resolution list should be writing my papers instead of writing in my blogs.

  • Be who I want to be, instead of who I am.  I know its important to find out who you are.  But sometimes maybe its even more important to decide who you want to be.  Aristotle (and I think Shaquille O’Neal) said that excellence is not an act but a habit.  We become who we are by making decisions.  I’ll be making decisions this year.  And maybe it will change week by week, maybe it won’t ever shape me into something rigid or firm, but I think it will be good for me.  
  • Eat locally.  It can be a full time job to eat healthy, especially if you’re interested in things like raw milk or organic.  I have friends who have devoted their whole lives to this.  I can’t go that far yet.  Or maybe ever.  But I want to invest some of my life into this.  Maybe I actually will start that garden I’ve talked about.  I’ll catch at least the beginning of the farmer’s market season.  Local is important to me.  Healthy, local, delicious.  At some point this year, I will even buy a share in a CSA.  So let it be written…
  • DO YOGA.  Even though the world seems to be conspiring against me on this (every yoga class offered at the rec is at the same time as class…damn it!) But I will start doing yoga.  I will I will I will.  And I’ll learn more than just the downward dog and cobra poses.

I think these goals are achievable, but also will require effort.  Also, I should make a resolution to put my next NYE champagne in a champagne glass instead of an owl mug.  That could be my most important resolution.


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