I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I was swimmin with the stars up above, directionless and driftin’.

I had a dream last night.  Or maybe a nightmare.  I hate waking up from a night like that.  It makes me want to sleep forever in the hopes of a better subconscious experience.

I dreamt I had signed up for a trip with my high school band.  As I arrived at our trip location, it turned out to not be a clarinet workshop, but rather an experiment on the part of the United States government.  They were using us as test subjects.  We were each taken into a different holding pen and subjected to different forms of trauma and stress to see how much our bodies could handle.  Some people were given less physical space to see how they would physically and psychologically respond to claustrophobia.  Others were given less food.  I was given less heat.  They kept adjusting the temperature of my cage to see how cold  of an environment my body could handle.

I hate being cold.

Then I was finally able to escape.  I, along with a few other people, were leaving, but stopped to get some food before we started the trip home.  As we were waiting for our soup, a couple from my church growing up came and asked me to move my car because they would like my parking space.  As I moved it, I lost control.  My car was spinning out of control around and around and around.  I didn’t know what to do.  I decided to hit the nearest building (a university building) in the hope that it would be the best way to stop my car without hurting anyone.  I figured the building was the biggest thing around that would best be able to absorb the force.

Then I got in trouble with the dean and just as I was about to go explain to him why I hit his building (there was no damage…come on), I woke up.  No closure.

But holy metaphor batman…my car is spinning out of control and I’m looking for how to stop with the least amount of damage.  I’m looking for what can best absorb the pain of the mess that is life.

Aren’t we all?


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