Kingdom Come

There is so much we are waiting for.  There is so much that is so wrong.  There is so much brokeness, so many places I wonder why God turned His back.

Why do children die from hunger?  Why do children die at all?

How can I live my life so concerned with my grades, with my clothes, with my salary.  Why do I worry about these things instead of the sweet face of Yennie, a malnourished little baby who died this week?

Yennie, Bear with Love, the countless others who have been born screaming and crying into a beautiful world that has no place for them.  Those who have survived, because of love: Alice, Sallay.

How do we live a life not seeing these faces?  How many go through life invisible?

And when will I learn to open my eyes and open my life to them?

Tonight, I mourn for a little girl and for the way I know the world should be.
And I pray that my heart stays wrapped in sackcloth until your Kingdom Comes.


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