Jimmy and I

The Christmas decorations are up around DeKalb.  There is even a Christmas tree in the plaza!  I come home and It’s a Wonderful Life is playing.

I know it’s early, but this season is so beautiful.

There is so much love in this movie.  George risks his life for his little brother.  Mary sacrifices her honeymoon to keep the town from descending into financial ruin.  George gives up his dreams of traveling the world to build a dream in his home town.  His friends take on the elements to turn an old run down hotel into a honeymoon suite.  George refuses to run his business like Potter because he loves the people he helps. George Bailey’s life is full of love.

Its nothing like he ever dreamed, but its wonderful.


One response

  1. i’m so glad that you got to have some seasonal joy this weekend! also, when george gets to his house and mary has put up all of those posters with pictures of all the places he wants to go… i cry. so hard. every time.

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