Hello Moon

I want vibrant.  I want deep brown and red.  I want photographs that are underdeveloped and grainy.  I want to wear lacy underwear and I want to churn butter.  I want to buy my produce at farmer’s markets and I want to walk to work.  I want to be out in the sun at 1 o’ clock in the afternoons.  I want to be outdoorsy and I want to sit by a sheep for the whole day.  I want to kiss deeply and I want to dive into a freezing cold lake.  I want an outdoor bathtub and I want sunshine.  I want lots and lots of artwork on my walls.  I want colour exploding out of every corner, nook, and baseboard.  I want noise.  I want rain on a tin roof.  I want to have to shout over all the noise in my life.  And then sometimes, I want to be afraid to even whisper.  I want the kind of love that could tear you apart or hold you together.  I want fabric covered buttons and red wine.  I want to see my breath in the fall air.  I want gigantic sunglasses.  I want bright red lipstick some days and deep maroon on others.  I want a blunt fringe.  I want maps everywhere. I want balloons on my birthday and laughter, oh so much laughter.  I want freckles.  I want a wind that whips me around.  I want it all.


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