Rain Shower

I am really feeling blessed tonight to have such understanding, compassionate, and like-minded roommates.  It has been really meaningful to me to have people I can talk with and share my life with in the midst of very day-to-day things.

This weekend, Elisabeth and I went to a pumpkin patch and got lost in a corn maze.  It was my first corn maze ever.  We were really confused about why they handed us a map at the beginning.  Its a maze.  You’re supposed to get lost and wander.  Thats the whole point, right?  No.  About halfway into the maze, I started to feel like I would never get out and I was going to be stuck in this field of corn that I was pretty sure was the size of 1/2 of Illinois forever.  The map made it a lot easier.

Then we went and picked pumpkins from the patch.  I overestimated my ability to lift pumpkin weight and got a really big one.  I was soon grateful to the couple who offered to let us put our pumpkins in their wagon for the walk back to the front. Elisabeth carved her pumpkin into a happy face and I made mine scary.  Which basically means I made a happy pumpkin face, but I added eyebrows and a wart on the nose.  I think its one of my best pumpkins yet.  Then her family came over and we had a special dinner and watched Sleepy Hollow by candlelight.  It felt very homey and I felt special to be a part of their bonding time.  It was a perfect combination of fall things.

Then this morning, we went to the UCC church in town.  Tonight, Diana came by from her work in Chicago and they both helped me work on a paper that I am nervous about.  The dishwasher may be broken, the sink may leak, and the front screen door doesn’t quite close all the way, but its nice to be home.


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