Hello October,

You are beautiful and I love, I love, I love you.  I was nervous today, looking out my windows at your grey, cloudy skies.  But then I stepped outside, got my feet on my pedals and felt your warm air which cannot be described with any other word but ‘orange’.  Leaves litter the streets.  But no, thats the wrong word to describe it.  The leaves are not strewn about carelessly on the roads, its more like this concrete landscape is the thing thats out of place under your foliage.  Its the streets and houses and parking lots that are littering you.  Everything smells like roasting marshmallows and fires under the starlight.  Everything feels like new beginnings and long days ahead.  Its the promise of cold, but also the promise of secrets.  Its the feel of warm blankets on your shoulders and puffing cold breath on the even colder morning.

Today, nothing else mattered but fall.  Not classes or assignments.  Not tests or appointments.  Not future plans or past failures.  Not hopes and dreams or summer sunshine.  Nothing mattered but the crisp crunch of red, yellow, and orange.  Nothing mattered but the hint of pumpkin spice latte on the air.  Nothing held me captivated but the promise of October.  Its a wonderful month.


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