Today, I am planning to not do very much.  Which is a tricky decision to make, with the impending pile of homework I will have as the semester progresses and the very real need to work ahead.  But it’s hard to decide where to start.  So I probably will do some research on my capstone and try to get a better feel for that and maybe make some “to-do” lists.  Or I could work on research for my life after graduation.  That’s rapidly approaching.  And that will be a beast to tackle, to say the least.  With deadlines the same time as finals, again, it’s better to work ahead.

So I probably will.  But right now, I’m going to make pancakes.  And I’m going to paint a little.  And I’m going to volunteer with Kitefest.  And dream about camping and summer and rivers and lakes.  And skype with a friend.  And see what I accomplish today.  Its a good day.


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