Light at the end

Some days I feel very strongly about the importance of simplicity and prioritizing my space and money to achieve what I need and remember how very little that is.

But then some days, I just want to put on a g-d fancy dress and high heels and feel like sex in the city.  Because some days you just need some glamour.

I think my personality and attitude toward life can be summed up in my two competing fashion choices.  Sometimes I just want to wear bright colours and flat shoes and have beachy, hippie, wavy hair.  Some days I just want to throw off my bra, throw on a tie dye ankle length maxi skirt and be earthy.  And sometimes, I want a cocktail dress with perfectly matching heels and chunky accessories.  I want to feel fabulous.

I don’t think either is wrong.  I think my problems come along when I start feeling like nothing fits right.  And that’s when I have to step back, rearrange my proverbial closet, and find some beauty.


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