Take Time

Take time, take time.

In Sierra Leone, this phrase is the rough equivalent of “be careful!”  If you trip over a loose stone, choke on a quick sip of water, or stumble over your words, someone is sure to caution you to “take time.”

It is very good advice.  Don’t rush things.  Don’t try to do too much at once.  Slow down and think about what you are doing.  Take the time to do what you want to do well.  Don’t scrape your knee because you were in too much of a hurry to see the pothole in the path ahead of you.  Slow down and be careful, not cautious per say, but careful.  Full of care.

Things don’t happen overnight.  Take time, because if you try to rush this, you’ll miss some very important things.  And you could get hurt or do some serious hurting.  Take time and be compassionate.  Take time and keep looking, keep loving, keep living.

One right decision doesn’t undo a world of pain and suffering.  And if you expect it to, you’re going to trip and fall at the beginning of the very long road to redemption.  Love starts with the smallest things we do, but it doesn’t end there.  Take time.  Take time in trusting, in living, in hoping, and in loving.

Take time.


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