Today I took a swim and a walk and a nap in the sun.  Because I have so much to do and my body is sick and tired and I needed to do whatever it was telling me to at that moment, in the hopes that it would agree to cooperate later when I sat down to my homework.  I love walking at night.  There is something about being out under the stars, under that sky that is just not quite black, that is good for the soul.

And I was thinking about what the world asks of us, what God asks of us, what love asks of us.  And I think sometimes, we have an obligation to be better than we could be.  Because in doing so, we give others permission to be the same.  I don’t think we have to be Pollyanna.  I think sometimes the best thing we can do for others is to be honest about ourselves, life, and the state of the world. We always have to keep our chins up and our feet moving.  Because someone has to believe.  Someone has to be more than the diet books and the perfect marriage and the six-figure salary.  Someone has to keep reading good books.  Someone has to keep finding new music.  Someone has to look in a mirror and think they are beautiful.  Someone has to speak passionately about what they believe in.  Someone has to laugh deeply at a well-told story.  Someone has to take the risk to be good and do good things, so that the rest of us remember that those good things exist.  If we all started drinking Folgers, the good coffee roasters would go out of business.  Someone has to keep believing that something tastes better and is worth the effort of that French press.

I dont know who those someones are.  Maybe they’re my friends. My friends who are incredibly brave and strong and passionate.  Maybe its all of us, one after another in turn, believing so the person to our left in this global circle can believe as well.  Maybe its people we’ll never meet, who we only encounter through fairy tales, stories, or speeches.  Who knows?  I don’t.  But I suppose, as always, I’d better start with myself.

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  1. Maybe we need to learn to recognize, appreciate, and honor what each and every person around us is doing exceedingly well. And look inside to find where we need to perform exceedingly well also.

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