Today I put on my cooking clothes (my mom’s old tee shirt from her days of working at The Fjord) and made some vegan potato soup.  And some asparagus.  Not as good as grilled asparagus with Kipp at the Des Moines Farmer’s Market, but still pretty amazing.  Threw some chia seeds into the potato soup to make it even healthier and its sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten for work lunches and dinners this week.   I also took care of my FAFSA today, made it to church (only a few minutes late), and drove 3 hours to see my bestie from Cali.  I’d call today a win.  And I’m going to reward that win by not spending the next two hours studying for my midterm tomorrow.  


This post sponsored by my sister and Terrence my life coach for keeping me sane the last two days. 


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