I’ve been thinking about family a lot lately.  Mine is widespread and I miss them.  But I’m lucky.  I have parents I can always fall back on, who support and love me.  A brother who is always there to listen to me whine about work and who asks me fashion advice.  I have a sister I know I can always call with anything and know she’ll take hours to listen to me cry and she gives the best advice.  I have adorable nieces who I would give anything to be able to babysit more often.

And I’ve been thinking lately how people become family.  Because some are born your family, some people become family who used to be strangers, and sometimes people become strangers when they used to be family.  I think thats why best friends and partners are so important, and are so different from other more casual friendships and dating.  Because they become family.  Sometimes they become family with a legally binding document, sometimes you just gradually slide into each other’s routine.  Sometimes friends overcome some great obstacle together, sometimes they just understand a part of one another that few other people get.

But however it happens, family matters.  Your friends who become family, your lovers who become family, your family who stay your family.  These are the people you can call at 1 am when you’re scared about tomorrow.  These are the people you can be away from for months, but as soon as you see each other again the distance and the time melt away.  These are the people you need to get through life.  You can’t and shouldn’t do it alone.


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