I have trouble defining favourites.  Especially when it comes to pop culture.  Who doesn’t?  We all dread that moment in a large group when we have to go around the circle and share our favourite actor/movie/band.  Because inevitably, every person in the room just has to explain that they have so many they couldn’t possibly pick a favourite but if they have to (no one is holding a gun to your head…also, no one is going to fact check this) “it would be one of these seven” which they proceed to list off and describe.  And inevitably someone else will say “oh my god, me too!”

But I decided tonight while on the treadmill that I have a favourite actress and actor.  And a favourite movie.  And, obviously, a favourite band.

Actress: Lisa Kudrow.  Seriously.  Go watch Friends.  And go watch Easy A.  Go watch P.S. I love you.  Go watch everything this woman is in. Dame Judi Dench would of course take first, however, she’s so in a league of her own it doesn’t even count.

Actor:  Alan Rickman.  Of course, there are the classic favourites of men I like to see in movies who I also like to see shirtless (Aka Harrison Ford, Colin Firth, Sayid and Jin from Lost, and Alan a Dale).  And of course, there are the unattractive men who make the list (Geoffrey Rush comes to mind).  But Alan Rickman always comes first.  Leo takes a close second.

Movie: Love Actually.  And Coons Only Live Twice.

Please understand, in a group setting, the type with large oval shapes made out of chairs that I’m used to, I would only answer with the first two words listed above in each category.  Because its so main stream to talk about yourself in a large group setting.  And no one cares.  Everyone is just thinking about what they are going to say.  So use your blog to extrapolate.  Way more exclusive.  So sick.

Excuse me, I think my vegan duck and quinoa fries are done.



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