Today has been a full day.

I discovered that the best time to go to the gym is Saturday midday when there is a home football game.  All the grunting, sweaty boys are at the football game, leaving you to run in peace.

I discovered my hair is long enough to mousse and wear wavy again.  I ended up being adorable today.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.  But I totally did.

I decided I want to get a weiner dog.  Short-haired, brown weiner dog.  And name him Geoffrey.

I walked to my favourite grocery store (Duck Soup Co-op) only to find it had closed about 30 minutes previously.  So for grins, I went next door to the butcher shop.  I know.  Weird.  But it turned out to be a gourmet grocery store type of place.  I’d compare it to a fancy version of the Slater grocery store.  Random odds and ends like Swedish crackers and tomato-basil noodles, a stocked wine/beer section (with its own designated employee), gourmet cheeses, a full service meat counter, and all sorts of things.  I did not expect that.  But I got everything I needed for the veggie-chili I am about to go make.  Right now.


One response

  1. Today I decided that said weiner dog’s full name will be Geoffrey Rush Geoffrey. With the first Geoffrey pronounced normally and the last name Geoffrey pronounced like the former ISU president. Hence…a phonetic rendition would be: Jeff-ree Rush Joe-ff-ree

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