Its Last Year All Over Again

Please please please please please.

Cross your fingers for me.

I’m re-applying to grad schools.  But just three.  I’m limiting my search and hopefully improving the quality of my applications.  I am applying to history phD programs: Washington University, University of Minnesota, and Notre Dame.

Washington University would be scary as hell. But I’ve dreamed of it so long; I can’t pass up the opportunity to apply again.

University of Minnesota has a strong history program in East Asian History and African History.  A large faculty and a respected program.  Plus lots of flannel and Jeremy Messersmith.  Bike friendly city, also.

But here’s the kicker.  The one I just found tonight.  The last in the tri-fecta.  (I am making this sound awfully light for how seriously I am taking this.)  History and Peace Studies at Notre Dame.  I would study history through the Kroc Institute for Peace Studies.  I would want my dissertation to concern conflict and re-building in modern history.  Essentially study what has happened after major conflicts, what efforts have been made in the recovery/reconciliation process and what effect has that had on future conflict.  Hopefully very focused on the history of the civil war/peace building in Sierra Leone.  This could be perfect.  And its such a long shot.  Its freaking Notre Dame.  But my heart is racing.

All my practicality flew out the window.  I’m emotionally involved in this search now.  What happens now?


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