I lose perspective so frequently.

These days its felt like every day is the Tornado at Adventureland.  I’m okay.  Then I’m not.  And I get by with a little help from my friends.  For those of you who pray for me, check in on me, stand by me, and love me.  I’m grateful.  And I’m learning to follow Kierkegaard in valuing and accepting my inherent need.

So when I lose focus remind me.  I’m saying this to myself as well.  I’m learning that I need myself as well.

Because we’re all connected.  Not one of us is an island.

I might be struggling with school and grades and value.  I might be frustrated by cold weather or my broken nail (don’t judge). But there is a well that needs to be built.  And I can do something about that. (So can you.  We need $$$).  There is a person that needs to be believed in, even if that for today is just myself.  There are children without parents or homes.  And I can do something about that. There are adults without homes and without hope. And I can do something about that.  There are books that need to be read and music that needs to be heard and sunsets that need to be appreciated.  And I can do something about that.

Life is now.  And now isn’t Pollyanna.  Its not cynical either.  Its not apathetic, angry, or enthusiastic.  It just is.

If I could be any animal, I’d be a chameleon.  Preferably the one from Tangled.

Life is delicate.

True love says to everything that is near, “I will take good care of you.”


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