Joan Baez sings Dylan

I just tried to do this baby’s yoga routine.  Keyword: Tried.  Oh my word.  That two year old is BA.  And I obviously need to exercise.  Or find a guru.  One of the two.  Namaste.

Jessie Neal is coming up this weekend.  MiddleWest Fest time.
This week deserves a weekend to make up for it.  So don’t let us down, weekend.  Don’t let us down.

There has been no coffee at work for the past two days now.  If you want to know how this has felt, I’d recommend watching any episode of Gilmore Girls.  I’d actually just plain recommend watching Gilmore Girls.  And disapproving of Dean.  (Team Logan).

I miss my roommates.  I mean, I’m glad Emily finally has her turtle room (and Ian…I suppose the whole fiance thing matters more than the turtle room) and I’m glad Steph has her dream job.  But I miss the old 1-1-2.  I miss that hamster thing rolling around in its hamster ball.  I miss our shower that had a [seemingly] never ending supply of hot water.  I miss drinking to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  I miss having two sets of listening ears I could always count on.  I love them for corrupting me to loving Twilight.  I love them for being so beautiful and passionate. I love that our refrigerator had those refrigerator poetry magnet things.
Thank you, Rachel Schmidt for providing me with perfection in my last minute housing desperation.

Its turning toward fall.  And while I hate the cold, I do love fall.  In preparation for said season, I need more jeans.  Both of mine are developing holes.  Which is both cold and embarrassing.  Cold for me.  Embarrassing for other people.  Also…sweaters and a jean jacket.  Fall staples.

Come on, NIU.  Do your worst.  I’m ready for you [sort of].



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