Labour Day

I am working 7 hours at my internship today (no projects on the docket as of yesterday, so not sure how I’ll pass the time)  and then I am heading home.  There are lots of people to see.  I have the perfect dress and shoes packed.  And it means several nights of (more) peaceful sleep.  Despite having treated my room on Monday, I am still waking up to new patches of bites every day.  Yesterday it was the back of my neck.  Previously its been my right side, my upper legs, and my left arm.  Today its just under my right shoulder blade.  I am really getting sick of this.  Its hard to sleep when you know little things are crawling all over you.  I woke up one in junior high screaming because I had this creepy feeling that there were cricket guts all over my room.  Long, stringy cricket guts.

Here’s hoping the long reprieve makes the bugs go away.

Also, I need to trim one set of nails (left) and protect new growth on the other (and encourage more growth).  Banjo playing leads to the weirdest nail look I’ve had to date.


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