This is my recent:

Yesterday, I rode in a bi-plane.  Seriously.  Open-air cockpit and everything.  It was incredible.  Windy and chilly, but a beautiful day and now I can say I’ve ridden in a bi-plane. It was fun to get an aerial view of DeKalb and see what things I could pick out from the sky.  Surprisingly, quite a lot.

Today, my landlady is cleaning my carpets and heat-treating my room to hopefully get rid of the bedbugs.  I therefore am kicked out of my room, but no coffee shops except Starbucks are open at this point, so I’m doing my homework in the basement.  Honestly I’d probably go to Starbucks anyway, except its pretty far in the opposite direction of work, which I have to be at in 1.5 hours, really 2.5 hours, but I’m going to go in a little early, so I can leave a little earlier on Wednesday.  And when I said above that I’m doing homework in the basement, I really meant I’m avoiding homework and really need to focus.

I skyped with two of my favourite people yesterday.  One is coming here soon and I couldn’t be more excited.  The other is in Denmark and after our hour or so conversation, I remembered how much I love Europe and yeah, I’m pretty sure I need to move there ASAP.  I love old things.  I was made for Europe.

I make a lot of big plans.

I’m going home this weekend, for some R&R and to pick up the millions of things I forgot when I moved out here.  I’ve got a list going.  I actually might be able to swing coming home on Wednesday.  Happy (potential) five day weekend to me. I’ve got plans.  And I’m excited about them.

Now, seriously.  Homework.  Its just hard to do it when its just working ahead stuff.  Motivation.  I need to remember that everything I do today will make my life infinitely less stressful in six weeks or so.

Also…I cooked with really hot peppers last night and my hand still feel like they are on fire.  Anyone know how to get rid of that?  Its getting really uncomfortable.  And I need to be able to touch near my eyes and stuff.


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