Another Day

I almost sound like a beginning banjo player now.

This afternoon I had my first graduate level statistics course.  If you know me (or how my last more numerically focused class went), you’d understand why I was nervous.  However, my professor is a 5’3″ man from Taiwan who used to teach at ISU and is quite possibly the sweetest person in existence.  I think I’ll be okay.  (Knock on wood.  Please.  Right now.)

Almond milk is delicious.  Not that I’ve done much milk drinking in the last five years or so, but even so I will never go back to regular old milk again.  So good.  Also, I can tolerably cook eggplant.  And eggplant is currently cheap at my local farmer’s market.

I will be working a nine hour shift tomorrow at work.  We are being audited by the feds.  Triennial review or something.  All I know is I received a binder to look through that has a bunch of cartoons my boss must have drawn when he was bored.  One is a walrus about to be eaten by sharks.

I’ve been wearing my great-grandma Grace’s ring for the last several days. I would like to know more about her.

I can’t get over Jeremy Messersmith.


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