Today I:

-Overslept.  I meant to go to church at 9, but woke up at 8h45.  I mean to accomplish this task soon.

-Decided that I could fit a whole week’s worth of calendar planning into each daily slot in my planner.  Each day has 4 pages: one for journaling all the fabulous things I saw today.  One for budgeting.  One for a to-do list of all the exciting things I get to do today.  And one for drawing the beautiful things I saw today.  Yes, I use a daily planner designed for an eight-year old.  And yes, I am in grad school.

-Went on a bike ride looking for the gym.  I like to work out while reading my homework. (I have homework already.  Classes haven’t started yet.) I did not find the gym.  Instead I got lost in DeKalb, but biked around until I found my way home an hour later, so still got some exercise?

-Wore shoes.  With socks.

-Decided to get a haircut, hopefully on Tuesday after class.  This will give me something to look forward to after 2 days of work and statistics.  Oof.  I don’t think I’ll get a big haircut, although maybe I should.  I’ve considered going back to the Emma Watson cut from May. It was easy.  And if I put enough work in, super classy, but I’m also so used to the carefree long hair.  I’ll have until Tuesday to waffle on this one.

-Wanted to watch Harry Potter with Julie Fullhart.  Real bad.



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  1. Update: Today I also chatted with a very large DJ about public administration. I ate a Vegan pizza-like sandwich (as per the suggestion of slide guitar man. lots of pesto and tofu. so good, although the green colour was slightly off-putting at first.) I’m going to practice banjo now, then hunker down with a good book. Today this is my life. And I needed to document it.

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