Eggplant in a Full Refrigerator

I bought photo frames today.  I needed one for a new picture of my nieces and one for a frame I shattered during my move to deKalb.  I got home, unwrapped the plastic and discovered…the frames had no glass.  Only a plastic sheet in the front with the symbol for which class of recycling they are (7) plastered all over it.  Which renders these frames essentially worthless.

Sometimes things just aren’t functional.  Sometimes they don’t work.  Sometimes things are just missing a critical piece of what makes them what they are and no matter how hard you try to McGuiver it, it’s a waste of time.  You can’t just wish a frame into being.  You can’t just hope that the picture won’t fall out.  Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and buy a new frame.

Life lesson learned.  But really?  Who sells a frame without glass?  Dumb.


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