Let’s Be Fools and Let’s Raise Cain

Tonight I talked with a middle aged man named Shadow.  He made up a story starring me as Rachel, the research scientist who falls prey to the side effects of a laboratory mishap; an explosion that will change her life forever as she begins to turn into the Incredible Hulkette.  Yes, there is a scene with me throwing my car off a cliff and it exploding at the bottom.  Apparently Hulks think throwing cars off cliffs is a better solution than just changing that flat tire.  The story is set to be continued the next time I run into him at the House Cafe.

Today I saw ducks sunning themselves on a sandbar in the creek that runs through campus.  There were five of them, resting in the bright sunshine.  Well…at least four were resting.  The last one was standing up and may have had more on his mind.  He looked a little more restless.

I’m looking forward to the start of classes if for no other reason than that town will fill up with more people.  I’m ready to meet new people and make new friends.  I am getting to know my housemates and my colleagues at work but I’m ready to start forming something deeper than acquaintanceship. I love DeKalb, but it is missing community.  In the meantime, however, I resolve firmly to devote myself to myself.  Selfishness is a vice I could justifiably be accused of, but there is also merit in the idea that I need to take care of myself, do what I’ve always dreamed of doing, be who I’ve always dreamed of being.  There is something to the idea that love of oneself is the first step to loving one’s neighbour. The world belongs to those who feel comfortable in their own skin.

This time alone in DeKalb has taught me two things: One, that I am deeply grateful for the friendships and love that connect me to people in a million different places these days.  I’m getting old enough to be able to say these are lifelong relationships: people who, as we move and live and learn in different places, still remain constant companions.  And two, that shooting off loud banging things is not cool in anyway but is rather incredibly annoying and dear neighbours, unless it is dark out and your fireworks actually have the pretty lights aspect, you can take your bud lights and go elsewhere.

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