I really love DeKalb.  Biking down the streets feels right.  I’ve spent almost every night at the House Cafe (partially driven here by my enduring lack of internets at my house.  Seriously…who owns those two wireless routers?!) and partially because I love the hippie man who is always here with a headscarf tucked under his baseball cap holding in his beard.  Partially because I love the…whatever these things are…hanging from the ceiling.  Partially because I love main street DeKalb.  Partially because I want to be around people, even if its people I don’t know.

I’m missing Sallay Abu.  I miss JCC more now than I did last time I came back home.  It seems so weird to think their life goes on just like mine does, even though we’re not together.  I wonder how Peter is doing.  If Babar is still studying.  What Mary Hatch is praying for every night.  I rest easy knowing Sallay is well taken care of and well loved by Christie, but I hate to think how much of her life, how much of all their lives I’m missing.  Which I suppose is typical of every relationship.  We grow and move and change and nothing can stop that.  Life is organic.

That was the most redundant statement I’ve ever made.

I haven’t found a good place for reading yet.  Maybe I’ll go look on campus for that now.  My room is fine for some types of books, but what I really want now is an environment where I can read Annie Dillard.  And you can’t read her just anywhere.

I could embrace the world right now and I’m in the mood to be okay.


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