Life is complicated.  Its full of should haves and musts and need tos. Its full of obligations and rules and hoops to jump through.  There are ladders to climb and boxes to fit into and forms to fill out and contracts to sign.  Everything has a price tag.

So what do I do when I just want to love?

When I want to hold the world and say this is all that matters?  How do we love in a world that tries in every way to hold us back?  To keep us apathetic and unaware?  A world that is trying to numb our hearts so that we’ll stay safe and quiet.  Work for a paycheck, punch the clock.  Drop the pretentious idea that love conquers all and beauty is worth more than accomplishments.  How do we keep saying no?

If we didn’t hold such high potential, the world wouldn’t fight so hard to keep us asleep. You know how high we could rise or you wouldn’t bother clipping our wings. I refuse to stop struggling.


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