Scraped and Bruised

I have another sting from a nettle.  This time it is on my toe.  The second one in on the left foot.  I like to call that one my “stately” toe because it seems very long and graceful. I call the fourth one my “golf ball” toe.

Some people talk about wearing rose-coloured glasses. I wear sepia-toned spectacles and I will not take them off.

Diet Coke has become my soda.  Not because of its lack of calories, but because I genuinely prefer the taste.  And probably because I miss Jenny Wilborn.  Long stemmed roses aren’t for me.  But I love a bouquet of gardenias in a Diet Coke bottle perfuming my room.

The last time I was on Malarone, it did not make me aggressive or give me hallucinations.  However, I had lots of dreams about weddings.  A particularly vivid one was about Ross and Amanda, whom I had not seen for eight months.

I people-watch like its my job.  And I would love if someday it could be my job.

On the subject of jobs, throughout the course of my childhood I have desired to (and looked into/studied) work in nearly every aspect of film including historical consultation, make-up, score composition, stunt work (yes.), prop design, direction, writing, and acting.

I have no idea where I will put all my stuff next year.

I’m desperately looking for a home for my pet rats for next year.  They are middle aged beauties who love to cuddle enthusiastically.  They take it in turns to be the dominant aggressive one in the cage.  Gully is most often, but Fern will also take her turn.  They always turn their hot pink igloo upside down.

I worry a lot about what I wear and how I look.  And that is silly. But it is me.

I love ballet slippers and still refuse to admit that I would not have been a good dancer had I been given the chance.  I prefer to live in a dream world where if I had just had dance lessons, I would be Julliard bound.

I have more favourite sweatshirts than any other article of clothing.  One was my grandmothers and it has pink and purple handprints all over it from my siblings and I.  One is an old teal sweatshirt with the Luther rose printed on.  One is a red sweatshirt that is oh so soft.  It has two fuzzy scottie dogs on the front with rhinestone collars.  I used to wear it with a dark long, loose braid and diamond earrings and feel Hollywood glamorous.  Sweatshirts are an easy way to break into my heart.

I think if I wasn’t so afraid, I could feel lovely.  And I could look at you and love you too.  And I’d accomplish so much more that way.

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