Its on the edge of rainy outside.  The clouds are dark and thick.

I think I believe in myself, but I’m just not sure.

I cleaned my room well enough today.  At least everything is in a place now.  But it needs to be vacuumed and packed soon.

Your jewelry made me realize, I’ve never been loved the way you loved her. The way you still love her.  Its both beautiful and difficult to see.  I wonder what it would feel like and if I’ll ever live that way.

My roommates’ voices are loud and I will desperately miss hearing them in just a few weeks.  This place has been home.

I need a spinning top or a gold chess piece. I’m about as grounded as Leo.  Sometimes that’s fine.  Sometimes, I need the top to give in to gravity.

Summer is here.  The longest sunlit day of the year has been punctuated by showers and overcast greys.  Its causing the strawberries to rot and mold, but its also washing away some of the dirt and grime off the greens spring left behind.

Come fall, I swear, my nails will be clean.

I wear gold jewelry more often these days than I would have ever imagined.

Honey badger.  Honey badger.  Honey badger.  I swear.  If I could turn into an animal…

Its time for a pen.

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