What happened to Exploding Dog?

Yesterday I reloaded my Canon A1 (with my Dad’s help this time) and today after work, I stopped by a field near my workplace to retake a couple of the pictures that had been on my ruined film. They were of old broken down cars in a hay field and I was really proud of them and sad they didn’t turn out.  So I figured I could go back and take something at least similar again.


You can’t just go back.  It didn’t feel the same.  I took the same picture through the broken out window of the broken down old green car, focusing on the peeling green steering wheel.  You could see the same field of green through the cracks in the dusty windshield and the dirt on the interior, but it wasn’t the same.  It didn’t feel the same.  Beauty only lasts a moment and sometimes photographs can capture it, but sometimes its just something you see and something you remember.

Sometimes you can’t capture life.  Sometimes all you can do is feel it.

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