I have the best friends.  Seriously.  Not only are they supportive and encouraging, but they are genuinely good people that I am proud of.  Of whom I am proud.  They accomplish so much and almost everything they say and do (and are) is beautiful.

I went to Art in the Park this weekend.  It was hot and so were my friends.  Story of my life.  We sampled wine.  Bought stationary.  Then we drank more wine.  I want more of that in my life.  The heat, the humidity, and the art.  The art and the beauty.  The feeling like everything is going to be okay.  Like life has slowed down a little bit.  That there is not a million places I need to be, but rather just one place: here.  And one time: now.  Time not to try to fix life’s problems or to accomplish anything.  Time not to improve my resume or bump up my GPA.  Time to just be.  With people and for people and because of people.

Sometimes I think about the past or the future and I worry.  I stress.  I make a checklist of a million things about myself or the world that I need to fix.  I take on all the worries of tomorrow and I miss what is surrounding around me today. But sometimes, I remember what I firmly believe.  And I see beauty everywhere and I stop worrying.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are one of those friends.  Thank you.

umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu/a person is a person through (other) persons.


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