West Ham lost again today.  I’m pretty sure they will get relegated after this season.  See ya later, Premier League.  I think teams should worry if I start following them.  Because I always manage to follow the underdogs.  I mean…I’m a Cubs fan.  But thats okay.  West Ham still looked good out there.  I mean…I picked the team for their colours and the claret and blue still looked fabulous.

I start finals tomorrow at 7h30 am and I am the farthest thing from ready.  Its a little nervewracking and yet if I let myself get worked up, it’d just drive me crazy.  I’ll graduate.  Thats what counts.  I’ve learned.  I’m learning this semester that grades aren’t the only important measurement of the worth of my semester.

Recap: West Ham lost.  Finals are tomorrow.  Ugh.  But I just made my best batch of crackers yet.  So today is balancing out to the good side of my scale.


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