tired and messy

lookin’ through the needle’s eye when someone robbed us blind/wondered how another man could do things so unkind/an experience like that in life might make you sing the blues/ but I was happy I had nothin’ left to lose

i feel burdened by excess.  i want my hands to be empty. no possessions i worry about losing or breaking.  to have no burdens or ties.  nothing to stop me from going where ever the road takes me.  nothing to stop me from leaving the path altogether.

i have no car, motor or bike/there are no roads but i go where i like

nothing to stop me from doing whatever this moment, right here, right now, seems to require.  even if the moment right after this will require something 180 degrees different.

sometimes i long for a symbiotic community, and sometimes i long so desperately to be self-sufficient.

all i have is freedom, it brought me up/teaches me lessons, shows me love/all i have is freedom, it keeps me warm/takes me where i want to go and does no harm

i don’t know if i want this because i’m scared, smart, or if i’m dying for a freedom i’ve never known.

and i don’t know how i would feel if i got it.

but maybe freedom could keep me warm and i’m so often cold.


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