Life is a long, long dream.

Update on my life:

I am officially a Husky.  Or so they tell me.  Northern Illinois University here I come.  I have officially accepted my offer of admission.  Now to work on scheduling my classes, lining up my internship, finding a place to live, and actually going to go see the campus.  I have never been to DeKalb, IL.  In fact, I can barely pronounce it.  This is a little nerve wracking.  A little disconcerting.  And a little exciting.

My best friend just received her Fulbright admission letter today.  I couldn’t be more excited for her.  She has the passion and the capacity that the Fulbright program deserves.  I couldn’t be more proud, and at the same time, I am not surprised at all.  No one deserves that scholarship more than her.  I can’t believe by this summer she’ll be mere hours from our beloved Haibao and eating real Korean kimche.

Fundraising for Sierra Leone continues to go slowly.  Wracking my brain for creative ways to ask people for money.  (Never been my strong suit.  I was the worst at selling wrapping paper in elementary school.)  If you have rich friends, please tell them that I know some babies who could use their money.

I had a dentist appointment today.  I hate the dentist office.  All those metal pipes and plastic things and masks and gloves.  It feels like something out of a bad sci-fi film.  Leave me alone, alien teeth cleaners.  Please.  But on the upside…no new cavities.  Small victories.  I’ll take ’em.

…A dream is just a short life.


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