‘Tis good, Lord, to be here, Yet we may not remain.

One of my friend’s recently wrote a blog post about mattering.  At the end of the post she wrote “You matter. Whether others reinforce that fact or not, it’s true.”  And it made me think about truth.  Then I  looked at the title of the post which was “It’s good to be here.” And that made me think about goodness.  And how often, the truest things are also the things that are good.  And when I say true, I hope you know what I mean.  That feeling of truth, when deep in your chest, in the deepest pit of your stomach, you just feel this lift, this feeling of “yes”.  A feeling of both peace and excitement.  And so many things in life that give me an opposite feeling seem to be more true.  The things that drag me down.  That exhaust me.  That weigh me down.  But they aren’t really true.  Because what is true is what is good.

But since you bid us leave the mount, Come with us to the plain.


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