Blessed are the makers of peace.

I know everything is everything so I guess I’ll stay the same. TGTB

I want to run away from popular culture.  I’m so tired of the way things seem to be.  I want everything to be at once fierce and gentle.  Bold but good.  Vibrant and deep.  I want my life to be in sepia tones.  I want perfection and I don’t care if that’s not real.  I want life to have a screenplay.  I don’t want to only think of the right thing to say as you walk away.  I want my hair to only blow in my face if it looks poetic. I want my lips to be the perfect shade of maroon.  I want my light fixtures to be stained glass and have no dead bugs inside.  I want my life to be in technicolor.

Call me a petulant child.  Or call me a dreamer.  Maybe only children remember how to dream.

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