Lets take it easy.

My day:

I found one more program to which I am planning to apply:  MPA at NIU.  I was talking with my roommate’s dad who is a professor at NIU and he thinks Public Administration (with the benefit of NIU’s emphasis on NGO administration/organization) would be the best foundation for my interests.  It sounds like a good fit for me, whether I would go on to get my PhD or choose to do some work in field first.  As soon as I hear back from Professor Houghtby or Professor Riney-Kehrberg about my other letter of recommendation (Thanks Prof Cunningham for being so prompt), I’ll get that application turned in.  I have a good feeling about this.  But I’ve had those feelings a lot before.  I’m excited and nervous to see where I’ll actually be come this August.

My Chinese homework is finished.  I can now talk to you in 汉语 about 减肥和锻炼.  Very useful stuff.

Also useful would be studying Public Choice.  But frankly…I’ll either be able to pass my test when I see the problems, or I won’t.  I’ll reread the chapters before the test, but…we’ll see.  I should also clean my kitchen.  There is a funny smell wafting.  Sick.  I could also read El Bronx, Remembered or start my Hist 479 prospectus.  However, I’m going to put off all these things for one more day.  You only live once.

And with my once, I’m going to go see Truth and Salvage, Co.


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