I love Abby Nance

Every time I blog (or speak or think or write or facebook) an angry rant, I always feel the inexplicable (or maybe totally explicable) need to apologize.  To make it known that, yes, sometimes I get worked up, but I’m not angry.  But then sometimes I am.  But I hate that angry complaining that doesn’t actually accomplish anything.  And I do it all the time.

I’m always torn between the desire to accept and be content and work within the world I live in and the need to yell and scream and let people know that this is not okay.  Something is wrong and we need to open our eyes and see it.  War, hunger, hurt, pain, oppression.  When do you accept these things and when do you fight them?  I hate war metaphor too.  Do I need to fight things?  But I can’t love inequality or hatred.  I can’t love pain.  But I’m called to love my enemies.

How do you do both?

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  1. I’m catching up on the last two months of your blog. Would love to have a conversation on this one sometime. Don’t know that I have any great ideas, I’m just saying I think it’d be a good conversation starter. Because I absolutely despise small talk.

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