Today, I feel like Alice in Wonderland.  Not an “I’m tripping out on opium” sort of feeling, but I feel like I relate to her.  I don’t know where I fit in the world.  I don’t want to do my lessons.  I want everything to be more exciting and adventurous.  I give myself very good advice and I very seldom follow it. Cue pencil faced birds and the Cheshire cat.  I am part impulsive, part adventurous, and part frightened.  My imagination often runs away with me. (I even once had a pet named Dinah.)

I want my life to be colourful itself and full of colourful creatures.  I want to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts.  I want to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

But Alice did get herself into an awful lot of trouble.

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