I could handle the spiders.  Sort of.

I only had a minor meltdown over the ants.

BUT A MILLIPEDE?!  No.  I am putting my foot down.

I had to turn that thing into millipede jelly before it stopped wiggling around.  I am so tired of bugs in my apartment.  I can’t do this.  I am not adventure-y.  I barely survived CCC.  My apartment was allegedly sprayed for bugs on Monday.  That must have been a lie.  Because I still see bugs.  Freaking huge ones.  That could crawl on me in my sleep and like…touch me.  Okay…so it wouldn’t really be a detrimental experience, but it will ook me out.  So…please…I am a well-bred lady.  Or rather, a wimp.  If you have more than two legs, just leave me alone.  Plz.  Kthnxbai.


One response

  1. Charlie has more than two legs :)

    But for what it’s worth, bugs in the house freak me out, too. Like I legitimately jump a couple feet backward and let out girlish yelps. Like little 5-year-old girlie screams. It’s embarrassing… and I probably should *not* have just posted that on the Internet…

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