its less than 2 weeks until sallay’s birthday.  she is going to turn 4!  i can’t believe it.  there are so many things i want to know.  is she talking yet?  how is she doing in school?  is she happy?  does someone play with her?  sit with her so she can sleep in the afternoons?  i know i should care about the other kids at jcc as much as i do sallay, and i do care about them too.  i really do.  i want to hear how they are all doing.  but esp sallay.  i don’t know how jesus manages to love the whole world at once.  this is why i’m not jesus.  i’m considering going back with elle in july.  pray for my decision.  it’d just be a short trip, but i don’t want to leave sierra leone in my past.

for the record, today i bought sallay a stuffed yak and couldn’t be more excited.

A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings. Mason Cooley.


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