Harvard of the freaking Midwest

My old religion prof, Lloyd Pflueger, just recommended that if I was interested in study of Eastern religions, I should consider studying German, Russian, French, Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Classical and Modern Chinese, and Japanese.  Oh and classical Latin and Greek.
Did everyone else’s high school and undergraduate coursework include the option of these languages?  I mean…I know I wasnt super on top of the ball my whole academic career (sorry…I’ve gone through like 15 major changes) but really…last time I checked, ISU (and Truman) offered like four of these.  And lets be honest here, how many languages can you master in four years?

Dear Life,
Thank you for letting me be born a citizen of the great United States where everyone told me that Spanish is the only language I’d ever need.
Love, Lynnea


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