Last night of Robin

I really really like things that Sam Harris says.  Especially out of context.  Like today:  “You don’t need to be beautiful.  You just need to be a little bit slutty.”

I went to the dentist today.  They started fixing my teeth.  Holla.  Except now my mouth is off center and I cant really do anything with one side of it.  I’ve never had a stroke, but minus all the other strokey stuff besides the droopy mouth, I imagine this is what it feels like.  And I have to go to class.  Awesome.

I’m frustrated with my body and sometimes I just dont know whats going on with it.  I’ve gained 3.5 pounds in the last week.  I never gain weight. I mean, of course I’ve gained some.  I wasn’t born five foot.  (You’re welcome , Mom).  But like, really…since about puberty…I’ve been this size.  Along with that goes the only major problem that I never lose weight either.  Which was fine when I never gained.  Buuuuuttttttt really, when I’ve been going to the gym regularly (I deserve a gold medal for it, btw.  Athleticism…or even just doing more than wanting to cook for you is not my strong point) and I’m gaining weight now?  Also, given my Norwegian-American luck, my body has still likely retained its inability to lose weight.  Perrrrrrrrfect.  Itsss fine.

Also, these things are inconsequential.  Like, really.  There are way more important things happening both in my life and in the world.  And thats something else I’m struggling with.  I completely understand minor things in my life are just that…minor.  But they are still a part of my life.  Scientists are forecasting continually increasing rates of volcanic eruptions in the coming years as global climate change progresses, but for today, its still tricky to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my half useless face.  We’re a part of a global community.  We are one body in Christ.  But we are still individuals.  How do these facts align?

Also…go watch the 1976 Sean Connery film, Robin and Marian.  Really.

“I like your medicine.  There’s no pain at all.”


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