Capitalism. Free Market. Expressed Anger.

I’m asserting my rights as a consumer to encourage all of my (2-5) blog readers that buying Verizon is quite possibly the worst choice you could make.  I mean, as far as cell phone choices go.  When it comes right down to it, there are a whole host of other entirely non-cell phone related choices that would probably cause you much more heartache and hassle.  So, no…don’t try to catch the raccoon that is foaming at the mouth, and don’t buy this phone.

I’d tell you what its called, but I can’t remember.  Its a Samsung and is probably out of production because it is characterized chiefly by short battery life and an uncanny ability to breakdown just after your warranty ends.  Now, before I got this phone, I’ve had problems with Verizon.  Less than helpful customer service, limited reception in Kirksville, and a few months of mistakes on the phone bill (for which my mom spent many hours to fix.  thanks Mom, you’re a champ) but this current phone really takes the cake.

I got it back in March of last year.  From the beginning, I had problems with the battery life.  It required charging multiple times a day.  After a few trips back and forth from the Verizon store, a few replacement phones and a battery change, I managed to end up with a phone that could last a day, maybe even two without a charge.  That should have been my first warning.  Then since the beginning of this year, my phone has decided about once a day to have this problem where the screen goes fuzzy.  I can still see stripes of colour and the phone still worked, but you couldnt see anything on the screen so it was basically out of commission.   Like I said, this happened about once a day, lasted about twenty minutes, then went back to normal.  But in the last few weeks, its started to last longer and longer.  Today, it stayed fuzzy for about 6 hours.  This finally got my rear in gear and I took the phone to Verizon for a check up.

As soon as I showed the customer service rep my phone, he immediately knew what was going on, said it was a typical problem of the phone and that my phone would soon shut down all together.  I figured, hey, this is a good start.  Its obviously not my fault and lots of people with this phone have the same problem, so surely they’ll be sympathetic.  Nope.  I was told that the best they could do for me was allow me to pay twenty dollars so I could buy another of their phones.  Uh…? I was not pleased.  It seems to me that Verizon created a low quality product, charged more for it, and is now asking the customer to make up for that.

The moral of the story is, whether I like it or  not, I’m a citizen of the United States, so dear “Free Market”, please take Verizon to task for being (at the best of times) merely an adequate cellular service provider.  Sincerely, Lynnea “I just had to get this rant off my chest”  Erickson


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